Unexpected Sicilian Wonders

The podcast serie created with Birra Messina to celebrate 9 Sicilians and their inspiring stories, together with the famous italian singer Levante.

on The Road

Corona Extra challenges 3 influencers to "disconnect" their routine and enjoy their summer rediscovering italian landscapes. 5 episodes aired on Mediaset Italia 1.

Il Divin Codino

Placement on Netflix Italy, produced together with Fonzies: 22 years of career in the life of soccer legend Roberto Baggio.

In cucina con Antonino

5 episodes bring 5 farmers from Campania to Antonino Cannavacciuolo's kitchen to celebrate together their roots and ingredients.


A 10 episodes original podcast series from Spain, it tells the story of King Juan Carlos and his abdication.

La cucina è emozione con Antonino

Voiello challenges Cannavacciuolo to show what he can cook starting from the most searched ingredients on Google.

Racconti in cucina con Bruno Barbieri

3 documentary stories tell how Simplicity, Intuitivity and Sharing are at the very core of the experience of Chef Barbieri.

Tipi da Parabrezza

If a car could talk, it will do it through the voice of PanPers: 5 funny episodes to understand the needs of car's windscreens.